Are your bags biodegradable?

Our bags are oxodegradable (considered a biodegradable product in every state except California).

What does Oxo-degradable mean?

Oxo degradable (OBD) plastic is polyolefin plastic to which has been added very small (catalytic) amounts of metal salts. These catalyze the natural degradation process to speed it up so that the OBD plastic will degrade when subject to environmental conditions to produce water, carbon dioxide and biomass. The process is shortened from hundreds of years to years and/or months for degradation and thereafter biodegradation depends on the micro-organisms in the environment.

Are your bags compostable?

No. OBD plastic is degradable and biodegradable, and can be recycled with normal plastic [1] but it is not as yet marketed as compostable. This oxidation process takes longer than the 180 day period required by ASTM D6400 and similar standards for compostable plastics such as EN13432 and ISO 17088. This short time is necessary for compostable plastics because industrial composting has a short timescale, and is not the same as biodegradation in the environment.

Where can I read more about OBD materials?


Are Your Bags Considered Biodegradable by California Standards?

No. Because the California standard required a compostable (corn-based) product - our bags are not considered "biodegradable" in California.

Is this a corn starch based product??

No. There are 2 reasons we did not go to a corn based product.

First - we did not feel the corn starch based products achieved our quality standards. They do not have the puncture resistance of our product.

Second, in some cases these products degrade too fast - like in your pack on a hot 2 hour hike.

Do I need to worry about shelf life or storage conditions?

No - as long as the bags are not stored in direct sunlight, or in extreme conditions (above 90 degrees).

Will your bags fit other dispensers like those seen in parks?

More and more parks are switching to our dispensers because of their high capacity and lifetime warranty - and because of our low cost upgrade program. Our bags will also fit many other dispensers. Please call if you have questions.

We are a commercial customer - how do we set up an account?

Easy - just give us a call at 888-309-5285. You will be able to purchase in minutes and we will invoice you.

How do I know how many bags to buy?

Bag usage can vary depending on all sorts of things: traffic to the area, season, days of the week, etc. A good place to start is to think about the number of bags you think you will use in a single day. Then, with the help of our estimator, project that number over a month or several months. Sometimes it helps to think about an hour of a single day. What is the dog volume during that hour? How many hours a day is the site used at this location? Remember, with our monthly ship program, it is easy to adjust your order to match your demand.

How are your dispensers usually mounted?

Our dispenser is sized to mount on a building or 4x4 post with an easy yet secure screw attachment. Typically, the post is set in concrete, with the dispenser mounted on the post at a convenient height, with your signage placed on the top of the post.

How quickly do you ship your orders?

All US orders are shipped via UPS the same day they are received. If an order comes in after our UPS pickup time, the order goes out the next day. We cannot ship on Sunday.

How do I know my transaction is secure?

Our credit card processing is handled by secure servers. We use SSL encryption, which is unbreakable with today's technology. Your credit card information is NOT stored after your transaction is complete.

What if I am not happy with my purchase?

Return it. We offer a full money back guarantee. If you aren't happy, you don't pay. Simply contact us and we will arrange for the return and credit your purchase.

We are using a lot more bags than we planned. Can you quickly fill a large order for us?

Yes. We maintain a large inventory of product, and can fill orders up to 1,000,000 bags with no lead time.

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